Silicone Prosthetics - Under your Skin

Duration: 27.6.2018, 1 day

Location: Teatro Feronia

Michael Loncin
Michael Loncin

Michael Loncin is a make-up artist who has dedicated himself with great passion to the theme of robotics and special effects.

He works for large film productions, as chief make-up artist for special events and as a lecturer in numerous courses on the topic of special effects and modeling.

For some time he has led his own school in the field of continuing education for make-up artists.

  • Head make-up artist at the fiftieth anniversary of the Belgian royal couple
  • Numerous workshops on the topic of special effects, including for Kryolan Belgien, Oper Düsseldorf, MADS Düsseldorf, IMATS


In this course, Michael Loncin shares his many years of expert knowledge in the area of prosthetics. Therefore, the prerequisite for participation is experience in make-up art or participation in the basic course.

In this master class, Michael Loncin offers deeper and more detailed insights into the procedure with silicone prosthetics and their correct application on the body.

“Under your Skin” points the spotlight on the challenges in make-up art when designing various wounds, the simulation of bones and other body parts und the skin’s surface.

Besides the professional design of prosthetics, he addresses the modeling of silicone and the detailed adjustment of its color.

During the course numerous trial pieces, like muscles and skin as well as a documentation folder will be created, which can be brought home as a reference.