Ageing and Breakdown in Costumes

Duration: 25/26.06.2018 , 2 days

Location: Teatro Feronia

Jan Dieckmann & You-Jin Seo
Jan Dieckmann & You-Jin Seo

Jan Dieckmann (GER), You-Jin Seo (GER), Benjamin Tyrrell (GB), Lisa Laurén (SWE) are a seasoned team of freelance textile artists.

Through their diverse backgrounds (costume painter, set- and costume designer, professional dancer, scene painter), they offer an extraordinary breadth of "Know how," textile manipulation techniques and traditional craftsmanship. Their artful costume workmanship can be admired in numerous international film and theater productions.

Costume manufacture and costume plastics for international film and theater productions for:

  • Babylon Berlin (Sky TV), The Cloud Atlas, The Grand Budapest Hotel
  • Der fliegende Holländer (Passionstheater, Oberammergau)
  • Manon Lescaut, (Festspielhaus Baden Baden/ New York MET)
  • Xerxes (Komische Oper, Berlin)
  • Das schlaue Füchslein (Komische Oper, Berlin)
  • Moses und Aaron (Komische Oper, Berlin) and more


The two textile artists Jan Dieckmann and You-Jin Seo will convey fundamental techniques for the artificial ageing of clothing and the simulation of worn clothing.

New productions for film and theatre usually have to be coated with a patina, in order to blend in to the production.

  • How does the story told on stage reflect in the costumes treated this way?
  • What can the viewer discern from a patinated costume?
  • Where do the differences in treatment between film and theater lie?

The two artists show what you have to do with a new shirt in order to make it credible, that it weathered the Thirty Years’ War. Insight will be given into the differing techniques of classical patination. Besides superficial treatments for the simulation of burned, filthy, sweaty, blood-crusted and aged textiles, the fiber itself will be in focus. Bleach, chlorine and temporary media will be presented as an indispensible design medium of the textile artist. During the course many trial pieces will be created, which can be brought home as references.