Electrostatic Flocking Techniques

Duration: 25.06.2018, 4 hours

Location: Teatro Feronia

Bernd Staatz
Bernd Staatz
  • Chief make-up artist of the Bonn Opera, in Nice and at the Hamburg State Opera
  • Since 2005 in the German Opera on the Rhein in Düsseldorf
  • Director of a make-up studio for domestic and overseas make-up equipment
  • Laureate of the "Goldenen Maske National" 2013
  • Subject lecturer at countless theaters and educational establishments
  • Initiator and director of the German design show for make-up artists in training


The experienced make-up artist Bernd Staatz presents "Electrostatic flocking system" in this interdiscipilinary course. It has received growing attention in the past years the fields of make-up art, costumes, millinery and props.

The flocking technique is perfectly suitable for the design of velvet or bristled surfaces on the skin and other materials.

Stubble, three-day beards, body hair, fur and pelt designs are only a small snippet of the diverse varioations of this innovative technique.

Numerous application possiblilities will be discussed and practical examples for masks, costume and millinery will be developed.

Beside a professional orientation for the devices and their functions, participants will compare and experiment with flocking materials and adhesives. Numerous sample works on PVC, tissue and skin will be created, which can be taken home as references.