Wigs Without Hair

Price: 216,00 €

Duration: Jun 22, 2020 10am – 01pm

Location: Teatro Feronia

Gregor Knape
Gregor Knape

Gregor Knape has been conjuring up fantastic creatures ever since his youth.

As a makeup artist, he was involved in national and international Theater, Film and TV productions, which include, among others, the Friedrichstadt Palace and Comic Opera in Berlin, the Bregenz Festival (SFX-Design) and at Paramount Pictures.

His primary focus as a professional is material research and product design.


This workshop will build a bridge between makeup artistry and costume design.

Unlike classical millinery, in this workshop we will create coiffures from materials, which don't actually look like hair – at first.

Using a costume element as a base, workshop participants will construct their own creations, using textiles, plastic and foam materials, as well as metal.

Price: 216,00 €