Systems for Hair Extentions und Hair Thickening TV-Stripe und TWEEZER

Price: 655,00 €

Duration: Jun 24, 2020 09am - 5pm

Location: Teatro Feronia

Marianne Trepesch
Marianne Trepesch

Marianne Trepesch has been working with hairpieces for over 25 years and enjoys an outstanding reputation among insiders. Her extensive knowledge makes her a valuable resource for many makeup artists, prop masters and set designers.

People in public life are also grateful for her services, which are as discrete as they are professional.


In this workshop two systems for hair extensions and hair volumizing will be presented, which function without adhesives. Removal is quick and easy, and without chemicals. There is no reattaching or loss of length after the bonding has been severed.

TV-Stripe: a hairband, which has been finely tied to a frontline tulle, is attached to natural hair by means of small nano-rings. This lies very close to the scalp and is thus hardly noticeable.

TWEEZER: a machine-lace with weaving-band, which can be used to add volume in a very short amount of time. It too is attached to natural hair with nano-rings.

Price: 655,00 €