Forming and Hardening of Materials and Foils

Price: 399,00 €

This offer cannot be booked anymore.

Duration: June 24, 2020; 11:00am – 05:00pm

Location: Teatro Feronia

Ralf M. Gornetzki
Ralf M. Gornetzki

This versatile artist works as makeup artist, modiste, prop master, and costume designer. As an unconventional newcomer, he is widely regarded as a craftsman super talent. His processing of thermoplastics and materials of all kinds, in the production of masks, props, or costume parts, is exceptional. His work is primarily in film and theater productions.


"Simple, quick, non-complicated, skin-friendly, versatile, and almost impossible to mess up."

An ideal material for makeup artists and costume designers, prop managers and artists: Thermoplastics!

In this workshop, Ralf Gornetzki will explain the ABCs of thermal plastics. After a brief theoretical introduction, follows the practical application. Gornetzki will demonstrate close-up and in detail, the proper handling of thermal plastics with special tools and other aids.

There are still many secrets of this material to be discovered.

By applying heat, it can be joined with other materials, to create stabile, light-weight and  wrinkle-free costume parts. Printed foils can be applied to thermoplastics and then formed. As a result, special effects can be produced very easily.

Thermoplastics are universally applicable and a treasure trove for every stage craftsman.

In this workshop, Ralf Gornetzki will show the complete range of possible applications.

Price: 399,00 €

This offer cannot be booked anymore.