Acrylic Paint in Makeup Artistry

Price: 356,00 €

Duration: June 23, 2020; 09:00am – 01:00pm

Location: Teatro Feronia

Steffen Gerber
Steffen Gerber

Steffen Gerber was trained as a makeup artist at the City Theater in Freiburg. After that he worked at the Opera House in Zurich, the German Theater in Hamburg, the Bayreuth Festival Plays, and on the productions of Cats, and Phantom of the Opera, as well as on freelance projects for professional advertising photographers.

In 1993 he became the head makeup artist at the Opera House in Halle (Salle). His work continued at the Central Sachsen Theater in Freiburg and the State Theater in Braunschweig. Since 2011 Steffen Gerber has been the head makeup artist at the Anhalt Theater in Dessau.

In addition to his work as makeup artist, Steffen Gerber has also been actively engaged as a costume designer. He led the costume production for the Student Beggar, Eugen Onegin, Man of LaManche, and the Bird Seller. In Dessau his costumes appeared in the Crystal Palace (a Dada Evening on the legendary Bauhaus Stage), The Man who mistook his Wife for his Hat, and The Image of Dorian Gray.


All makeup artists know this problem well: Coloring bald caps can be very tricky. Whether with water-based color, oil-based makeup or special adhesives, when an actor begins to perspire, undesirable effects immediately appear, which must be continuously touched up.

This is where makeup with acrylic colors offers a reliable alternative. The makeup artist is rewarded with a lively, colourful result, which is truly convincing and completely stable, and remains smudge-free even several hours later.

Steffen Gerber reveals which colors are best blended to form skin tones, and which ingredients must be added, to make the outer layer both sturdy and elastic. During the demonstration, workshop participants will receive hands-on experience as the bald cap is applied and then made up.

Price: 356,00 €