Sculpting Forms for Wigs, Costume Parts and Props Using Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate Foam Mats

Price: 449,00 €

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Duration: June 23, 2020; 12:00am – 05:00pm

Location: Teatro Feronia

Rouven Roske
Rouven Roske

After his training as a makeup artist at the State Theater in Hannover, Rouven Roske then switched to the German Opera on the Rhine.

It was here that he soon made a name for himself in the field of mask making. Roske created special silicon masks for the TV series Retired Cops. He also designed and produced silicon prosthetics for movie advertising films.

For many years, Roske has been imparting his considerable expertise on to future generations as an instructor. He is also a juror at the German Championship for Makeup Artists in Training.

At the international Makeup Artist Design Show he presented, alongside the renowned medical examiner, Dr. Benno Hartung, how makeup artists can achieve realistic portrayals of homicides.

Together with the FX-makeup artist, Michael Loncin, Roske designed a complex silicon mask for the role of Gunther in the Nibelungen Ring at the Rhine Opera.


"Build it fast, cheap, and please make it light-weight!"

These are often the conditions set by directors and stage managers for makeup artists and prop designers. Rouven Roske decided to specialize: With ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), a special foam material, and his own special processing techniques, Roske will demonstrate how – with a few special tricks – realistic and effective props can be produced.

After a short introduction, drafts designs will be fully implemented. Every participant will produce his or her own piece.

And when we get to the surface of these pieces, there will also be a few surprises.

Price: 449,00 €

This offer cannot be booked anymore.