Replication Techniques from Living Models

Price: 359,00 €

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Duration: June 23, 2020 12:00 – 6:00pm

Location: Teatro Feronia

Michael Loncin
Michael Loncin

Michael Loncin is a makeup artist, who has passionately dedicated his career to robotics and special effects.

He works on major film productions as head makeup artist for special events and as an expert instructor at numerous courses focused on special effects and model construction.

He directs his own school for advanced makeup techniques.

He was the head makeup artist for the 50th Wedding Anniversary of the Royal Belgian Couple.

He has done countless workshops on special effects.


Michael Loncin offers insight into work with relevant materials, and demonstrates various techniques for making imprints.

He will also explain how to build forms for the production of artificial body parts, using a number of different materials. The entire head, but also ears, hands and feet, are "abstracted" and then processed.

Price: 359,00 €

This offer cannot be booked anymore.