Muster Animal Masks

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Duration: June 23, 2020 10:00 – 11:00am

Location: Teatro Feronia

Bernd Staatz
Bernd Staatz
  • Head makeup artist at the Bonn and Nice Operas, and the National Opera in Hamburg
  • Head makeup artist since 2005 at the German Opera on the Rhine in Dusseldorf
  • Director of a makeup artist studio for national and international makeup design
  • Awarded the “National Golden Mask” in 2013
  • Master instructor at countless theater and educational institutions
  • Founder and director of the German Championship for Makeup Artists in Training


The production of animal masks is often required in spoken and musical theater. Especially full muster masks pose a daunting challenge.

Bernd Staatz offers solutions to the challenges of creating complex muster animal masks, and explains step by step how they are produced.

Price: 0,00 €