„Ageing and Breakdown in Costumes“ with You-Jin Seo and Jan Dieckmann

As part of the Feronia Festival for Backstage Art and Craft, Jan Dieckmann and You-Jin Seo are inviting trainees and professionals of costume design to their workshop “Ageing and Breakdown in Costumes”. The pair is part of the “All Artisans”, a group of independent stage, costume and textile artists that already works with numerous productions for international opera houses and theaters as well as on film sets.

Age Clothing with the Textile Artists

In order to make costumes for film, opera and theater look authentic, Jan Dieckmann and You-Jin Seo use various artificial ageing methods. Through so-called “patination”, "ageing" or "distressing", they simulate worn and aged clothing. Festival participants will find out how that works in the course.

The textile artists will show how to carefully wear, tear, bleach and encrust clothing with dirt and blood in the workshop “Ageing and Breakdown in Costumes”. Through the artificial patina, the costume designers are able to put newly created costume pieces on stage. In the course you will learn how to process a shirt so that it looks as if it had survived the Thirty Years’ War. The artists will teach you various ageing techniques. You will use classical surface treatments to simulate sweaty, filthy, blood-crusted and burned clothing pieces and treat new fibers with chlorine, bleach and temporary products. In the two-day course, various sample works will be created, which you can use for your reference portfolio.

The Wealth of Experience of Jan Dieckmann und You-Jin Seo

The two textile artists have enriched film productions like “The Book Thief”, “The Grand Budapest Hotel”, “Cloud Atlas”, “Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters” and “The Three Musketeers”. On top of that, You-Jin Seo was responsible for styling in many advertisements. She also has experience as styling assistant in music videos and as costume assistant/textile artist. Jan Dieckmann has numerous references from the branches of film and theater. He recently worked as textile artist for the films “Tarzan” and “Hunger Games – Mocking jay Part 2”. He has worked on stage productions like “Das Wunder von Bern“ (Stage Entertainment Hamburg), “Figaro“ (The Metropolitan Opera New York) and “Das schlaue Füchslein“ (Komische Oper Berlin) since 1991.

More Courses for Participants from the Field of Costume Design

In addition to the course, the two artists are offering a workshop on the “Fundamentals of Dyeing” as part of the Feronia Festival of Backstage Art and Craft. Their colleagues Benjamin Tyrrell and Lisa Lauren will teach useful techniques in the course “Manufacture of costume sculptures“.

„Ageing and Breakdown in Costumes“ with You-Jin Seo and Jan Dieckmann