Create Silicone Prosthetics with SFX Make-up Artist Michael Loncin

Michael Loncins passions are special effects and robotics. He has worked as a make-up artist for numerous major film productions and made up the actors of Belgian productions like “Solitaires. Le bal des sauvages,” “Airmen” and “Babysitting Story.” Next to that came engagements with international films like “Dernière formalité” and “Titre indéterminé.” As supervisor for special effects, he oversaw the make-up artists of the US-American horror film, “The Shadow Within,” with Lindsay Lohan, which is coming to cinemas this year.

Special Effects with the Professional Make-up Artist Michael Loncin

His special effects are in demand. He instructs numerous courses on the topic of special effects and sculpting. He was long responsible for the SFX-Area at the festival international du film fantastique de Bruxelles. Besides that, he manages his own school in Saint-Gilles for the continuing education of make-up artists, called FX Bubbles. Here, eager students can learn how to make up zombies, create mock skulls, make up hematomas and skin alterations, create decaying teeth and prepare deceptively real corpses. Masks, prosthetics and plaster casts belong to the most important tools of the make-up artist for realizing special effects.

SFX Make-up Artist with outstanding References

Michael Loncins creations are diverse. He mainly designs spooky make-up for TV and film, but he has a bag of tricks for theater productions too. A special piece is the Cyclops mask with animatronic sight, which he produced for the drama “L’Odyssée” in the Théâtre Royal du Parc in Brussels. His German fans know him as judge of the make-up artist design show in Düsseldorf and also, he worked at the Gounod Opera “Faust” at the Festspielhaus Baden-Baden. Before founding FX Bubbles, he taught special effects make-up courses at two renowned academies in Brussels. He has led workshops at various fairs, like the MADS or the IMATS and at Kroylan Belgium. He was the chief make-up artist at the golden wedding of the Belgian royal pair King Albert II and Queen Paola.

Silicone Prosthetics Workshop – Basic Course with Michael Loncin

In the course, Michael Loncin will teach the fundamentals of the application and fitting of silicone prosthetics. Through practical examples, he will show the production process and explain in detail the application of various materials. The course is not limited to the production of silicone prosthetics though. Loncin will also introduce participants to the creation of transfer prosthetics and gelatine prosthetics.

The workshop is suitable for beginners. Many make-up artists have difficulty with the application of silicone pieces and with their color design. Here, Michael Loncin teaches the perfect technique and explains how to create prosthetics as accurately as possible. Over the one-day course, numerous work samples will be produced as well as a documentation folder, which participant can use later as references.

Master Class: Silicone Prosthetics – Under your Skin

For advances SFX make-up artists, Michael Loncin will offer a one-day master class at the Feronia Festival for Backstage Art and Craft. In this course, he will share his expertise in the area of prosthetics with experienced make-up artists. Otherwise, the participation in the basic course is a prerequisite for registration for this master class.

Here, participants receive detailed insight into the work with silicone prosthetics as well as their professional fitting to the body. The course “Under your Skin” is focused on the challenges of sculpting wounds, tendons, muscles and bones underneath the skins surface. Michael Loncin will teach the professional design of prosthetics from sculpting to color matching in detail. Here too, numerous work samples will be created.

As an addition to the courses from Michael Loncin, participants have the opportunity to attend the workshop Electrostatic Flocking Techniques with make-up artist Bernd Staatz. Participants will create velvety or bristly surfaces on the skin with the help of the modern flocking technique.

Create Silicone Prosthetics with SFX Make-up Artist Michael Loncin