Design Fantasy Headdresses with Eike Schnatmann

At the Feronia Festival for Backstage Art and Craft there are many interesting workshops on the topic of costume design. Participants learn how to artificially age and dye textiles or create costume sculptures. The milliner Eike Schnatmann enriches the festival with a three-day workshop on the creation of fantasy headdresses for theater. Participants from the areas Costumes and Millinery have something to look forward to.

The Outstanding Hat Creation of Eike Schnatmann

Eike Schnatmann is among the renowned German milliners. After her training in Hamburg, she received a scholarship from the Chamber of Crafts and worked in the studio Marie Mercie in Paris. Back in Germany in 1996, she passed the master exam in Regensburg in and received the recognition of the best in the country. In Hamburg-Blankensee she lead a hat salon together with Karin Irmer. For over 20 years the two masters of millinery have worked together and design exciting caps and hats. Strong, valuable materials are their common weakness. Simple design meets laid-back elegance – that’s how one could describe their style. In 2000 the two won the Prix de l'Elégance from Moet & Chandon at the Hamburger Derby for their striking headpieces. Last year their work was shown at the Hat and Jewelry Fair and the MKG Fair of Art and Craft in Hamburg.

Milliner at the Theater

Eike Schnatmann has lead the hat workshop for acting, ballet and state opera at the state theater in Stuttgart since 2006 and designs wonderful works out of discarded materials for actors, dancers and singers. She produces extraordinary creations out of leather, rabbit and hare fur, pelts, feathers, paper, wood sparterie and spring steel wire. The headdresses and hat creations of the milliner haven’t only found admirers in the state theater. They have also been displayed in various collective and solo exhibitions, like in the Hamburg Museum of Art and Craft, in the Vienna Museum of Applied Arts and in the Leipzig Grassimuseum. She is an instructor at academies and educational institutions. At the Feronia Festival for Backstage Art and Craft she will share her extensive knowledge on the topic of fantasy headdress design.

Eike Schnatmann at the Feronia Festival

In the course, the milliner gives insight into the design of fantasy headdresses for theater. She teaches the essential techniques for producing the lower mould, which she refers to for the sizing and processing of the felt contour. The mould is the basis for all headdresses that participants will create in the Workshop "Fantasy Headdresses in the Theater" at the Feronia Festival.

Eike Schnatmann will also show how to develop lightweight spring steel wire constructions, which are created by soldering copper wires. With these 3-D solutions, interested participants can create transparent headdresses.

Besides that, participants will apply innovative materials from the area of thermoplastics, which are used nowadays in every theater. Milliners use these to create impressive crowns, fantasy jewelry pieces and horns.

A wonderful addition to the workshop of the milliner is the three day course on the Creation of Costume Statues with Benjamin Tyrrell and Lisa Lauren. In this course, participants create negative forms out of plasticine and mould them with thermoplastic material. The focus lies here on elaborate surface design used to make objects come to life.


Design Fantasy Headdresses with Eike Schnatmann