Make-up Artist Bernd Staatz at the Feronia Festival for Backstage Art and Craft

Bernd Staatz began his career as a hairdresser, following up with a training program in make-up art at the Bühnen Köln. As head make-up artist, he worked at the Bonn Opera, the Hamburgische Staatsoper and the Opéra de Nice. In 2005, he took over this position at the Deutsche Oper am Rhein in Westphalian Düsseldorf/Duisburg. There, he supervises numerous make-up artists as well as the trainees of the craft. On top of that, he is the head and initiator of the German Championship for Make-up Artists in Training, which premiers the best works of trainees each year.

Bernd Staatz – Passionate Make-up Artist

Staatz loves his work and uses both his professional and private time for many artistic make-up projects. As the head of a large make-up studio, he provides masks and wigs for film, television and theater productions in Germany and abroad. He enjoys testing innovative products and techniques and sharing his new attainments generously with other artists in the scene. In his books („Die Haarwerkstatt“ and „Die Kaschierwerkstatt“), he gives helpful tips on the manufacture of hair pieces and the creation of masks.

Instructor at the Feronia Festival for Backstage Art and Craft

Saatz is laureate of the “Goldenen Maske National” since 2013. Since then, countless theater and educational institutions invite him regularly for instruction. That goes for Feronia Festival for Backstage Art and Craft as well. Here he will present the “Electrostatic Flocking System” in an interdisciplinary course and teach “Effective Mask Design with Foil,” two indubitably remarkable techniques, which Staatz has perfected to detail and masters as no other.

The Specialties of the Make-up Artist Bernd Staatz

Bernd Staatz is specialized in various techniques, like:

  • 3D-modelling,
  • 3D-positive-/negative printing for prosthetics und mask creation,
  • 3D-scanning,
  • Creation of 2-component synthetic teeth,
  • Electrostatic Flocking, as well as
  • various Hair works for TV, film and theater

Lecture and Workshop of Bernd Staatz at the Festival

In the workshop Bernd Staatz will show the participants how to use the “Electrostatic Flocking Technique.” In four hours you will learn how to apply bristled or velvety surfaces to various materials and skin with the flocking technique. Using the technique, make-up artists and costume designers create nearly realistic body hair, 3-day beards, stubble or design fur and pelts. Besides the numerous application possibilities, Staatz discusses the practical use in the field of millinery, costumes or masks. In the course, participants will learn to use the instruments, try to technique for themselves and create work samples.

The make-up artist’s lecture on Mask Design with Foil is open for all participants of the Feronia Festival for Backstage Art and Craft. In this lecture, he will go into the various application examples of this efficient technique. Inspiring days in San Severino Marche, Italy await festival visitors. Michel Loncin will offer even more trend-conscious professional knowledge, introducing participants into the world of silicon prosthetics in two courses (basic- and master course).

Make-up Artist Bernd Staatz at the Feronia Festival for Backstage Art and Craft