A Picturesque Site of Arts – San Severino Marche

The first Feronia Festival for Backstage Art and Craft will be held in lovely San Severino Marche in June, 2018. The Italian community in the Marche is one of the secrets of culture- and art-loving travellers in Europe.

The area offers a broad selection of noteworthy cultural monuments, like the Chiesa e Convento di San Domenico, the Santuario di San Severino Vescovo, the Chiesa di San Giuseppe and of course the spellbinding Teatro Feronia. The Feronia Festival of Backstage Art and Craft will take place in this theatre.

World class artists of the international theatre scene will share their knowledge with you from June 25th to 29th, 2018. On site, you will be introduced to new techniques from renowned professionals and swap ideas and experiences. Bernd Staatz will teach the “Electrostatic Flocking System” in his workshop. With Benjamin Tyrell and Lisa Lauren, you can create costume plastics or age costumes with Jan Dieckmann and You-Jin Seo.

Art and Culture of San Severino Marche

Not only the workshops in the theatre will remain in the memories of visitors of the Feronia Festival for Backstage Art and Craft. San Severino Marche is a city of arts. It belongs to the picturesque regions of the Macerata province. In the city gallery of modern art you will see contemporary works and the impressive collection of the painter Filippo Bigioli. The archaeological museum G. Moretti maintains prehistoric artefacts of the region. The city art gallery “P. Venturi-Heels” or Pinakothek houses Pinturicchio’s impressive Madonna of the Peace, Paolo Veneziano’s Polyptychon and numerous other important testimonies of antique Italian art.

Discover San Severino Marche on Foot

The oldest city quarter of San Severino Marche is Castello, which sits enthroned on the peak of Monte Nero. A short walk offers a wonderful view of the surrounding hills with the small hamlets and the Potenza river, which flows through the city. You can discover the original city center from afar. The mighty 40 meter-high leaning tower projects far into the sky. Also the old cathedral with the imposing clock tower glows in the light of the Italian sun. The harmonious Piazza del Popolo forms the center of the village. At its side is the Feronia Theater, which was erected in 1827 by the architect Ireneo Aleandri on the remains of a wooden theater. The Piazza in San Severino Marche is among the most exciting in the Marche. Noble buildings with arcades line the plaza. Within this structure, the pompous city hall will doubtless stand out for its beauty.

The residents of San Severino are proud of their historic city. A stroll through the narrow alleys with the small houses in a row enchants visitors of the area. In the evenings, a whiff of romanticism drifts through the lighted alleys. The small, fine restaurants and pizzerias serve exquisite regional specialties, the hotels spoil you with amenities and in a flash a new exciting day begins at the Feronia Festival of Backstage Art and Craft.


A Picturesque Site of Arts – San Severino Marche