Feronia Festival for Backstage Art and Craft

San Severino, a beautiful small town in Marche, Italy, is about to experience a great event: The Feronia Festival for Backstage Art and Craft will take place here in June 2018.

Inspired by the beauty of this lovely city, its people and its culture, the idea of this project arose in 2017. Our purpose is to be rooted in the life of this magnificent town and celebrate the experiences of the international theatre scene.

We work with world-class artists delivering exceptional and innovative work in backstage art and craft.

As a professional or a student, you can participate to strengthen your knowledge, practice new technics, create remarkable pieces, meet and exchange ideas and enjoy the ambience of the surroundings in Marche, Italy.

Many festivals and prizes already exist in the world of theatre but the Feronia Festival will put backstage work in the spotlight for the first time. We offer several workshops and master classes in various categories like Make-up, Costumes and Millinery. All of our artists and craftsmen posses a specific and unique knowledge in their very own speciality.

We want both the old, traditional techniques to be kept and passed on and new techniques to arise.

And where else would that be more suitable, than in a land of exceptional traditions in arts and crafts?

Feronia Festival for Backstage Art and Craft