Monti Sibillini National Park

The national park Monti Sibillini is found not far from San Severino Marche. The area is among the most beautiful hiking regions in Italy and harbors legends of fairies, witches, demons and other saga figures. The Sibillini mountains reach as high as 2500 meters and thanks to their vivid form, they resemble unusual landscapes in Latin America or Anatolia.

Impressive Hikes through the Mountains

In early summer, countless flowers bloom on the slopes and wrap the mountains in a colorful flower dress. Besides mountain flowers, mainly wild orchids, daffodils and lilies grow here. The fauna of the Sibillini mountains is just as rich in species. To mention several: wolves, deer, wild cats, porcupines, golden eagles and peregrine falcons. Most of the Sibillini mountains are in the Marche region, while other parts stretch across Umbria. The mountain range offers numerous impressions. Besides bare peaks, ravines, scenic ridges, meadows and forests, breathtaking waterfalls await hikers. The circular trail Grande Anello dei Sibillini, which spans the entire mountain range over eight days, is among the high points for professional hikers. Climbers can fulfill their desires in the northern Sibillini mountains; Monte Bove offers good climbing conditions. Paragliding in the national park is also very popular.

Discover the Communities at the Foot of Monti Sibillini

Within the national park are many communities of Umbria and the Marche region. Among the eldest and most beautiful is the Visso area, which already existed 900 years before the birth of Rome. The picturesque center is absolutely worth visiting. Not far away from the center, the Valnerina ravine is located. You can explore the natural spectacle of the Nera river on a rafting tour and take home once in a lifetime impressions. A spellbinding historic center awaits you in Norcia. In Preci, the birthplace of surgery, you can visit the Abbey of Sant'Eutizio from the year 470 A.D.

Sights on a Hike

At a height of 1000 meters lies the Macereto sanctuary, a religious annex, which counts among the most important examples of 15th century architecture. Once upon a time, the castle of the Fiastra earldom was located in its direct proximity. Deep in the hinterland along the Nera, the Fiastra lake rewards tired hiking feet with crystal clear water, mirroring the mountain peaks. Along the way into the Aquasanta valley, the Bear Grotto and breathtaking waterfalls await you. The height of the flowering period of Castelluccio di Norcia takes place in June. During the “fioritura,” wildflowers like the cornflower, canola and red poppy bloom on the numerous lentil fields at the foot of the mountains. In the third week of June, residents and guests celebrate the blossom festival, the Fiorita.

Further information: http://www.mein-italien.info/landschaften/sibillini.htm

Monti Sibillini National Park