Internationally Known Companies near San Severino Marche

Elegant Designer Furniture by Poltrona Frau

One of the most famous Italian designer companies is Poltrona Frau. The brand stands for perfection and elegance produced in Italy. The luxury class company enjoys an international reputation. The company was founded in 1912 by the designer and artisan Renzo Frau. Master artisans have been creating fine furnishings for generations in Tolentino and transmitting their knowledge to subsequent generations.

The furniture satisfy the highest demands on design and material. The handcrafted perfection lend them a whiff of luxury. The armchair “Vanity Fair” (904) has been a permanent component of the collection since 1930 and is beloved by design enthusiasts. The “1919” lends classic offices a refined, luxurious touch. Poltrona Frau supplies royal houses, theaters, luxury liners, embassies and parlors. Additionally, the company equips airplanes and fine automobiles like Ferrari, Bugatti und Alfa Romeo.

The furniture pieces are timeless and unite traditional craftsmanship with modern design. Besides hard leather, the manufacturers use the exclusive Pelle Frau®-Leder and constantly research new materials. International architects like Achille Castiglioni, Jean-Marie Massaud, Pierluigi Cerri, Michele De Lucchi und Emilio Ambasz and designers dedicate themselves to the design of new luxury objects. Poltrona Frau offers unique furnishings from exquisite materials, crafted by hand. Each unique piece is made in Italy.


Beloved Italian Spirits by Varnelli

The distillery Varnelli was opened by Girolamo Varnelli at the foot of the Sibillini mountains in Pievebovigliana in 1868. He was an herbalist and extremely well versed in healing herbs. The Varnelli distillery is among the oldest production places for liqueurs in the Marche region. By now, four generations have devoted themselves to the production of herb liqueurs according to old recipes and original craftsmanship. The recipes are strictly secret and impossible to imitate. The Varnelli liqueurs win tasters over with their high quality and exquisite taste. Today the production takes place in Muccia. The small town lies in the province of Macerata, not far from San Severino Marche. The main sales product of the distillery are the dry Varnelli anis liqueurs and the herb liqueur Amaro Sibilla.

Internationally Known Companies near San Severino Marche