Restaurants in San Severino Marche

We recommend these three restaurants for your stay in San Severino:

Traditional Dishes reinterpreted: Ristorante da Piero

(Viale Bigioli, 24, San Severino Marche)
In "Restaurant da Piero,” the chef places value on combinations of tradition and modernity. His dishes will win you over with refined aromas and a full-bodied aftertaste. With the meals, he serves wine from his own vineyard.

Honored with the “Chef’s Award”: Ristorante Cavallini

(Viale Bigioli, 47, San Severino Marche)
The "Ristorante Cavallini" is located only a couple steps away from the Piazza del Popolo. In 2017, the restaurant won the “Chef’s Award” as one of the ten best Italian restaurants. The family business is run by Luca und Simone Cavallini. Chef Luca gives traditional dishes a new twist. Simone recommends complementary wines from the region.

The Insider Tip in San Severino Marche: Osteria Ninetta

(Piazzetta del Teatro 3, San Severino Marche)
In "Osteria Ninetta" you can taste traditional Italian dishes, like carpaccio of beef with tomatoes and goat cheese, gratin di baccalà with radish and red wine sauce as well as pistachio-chocolate semifreddo for desert.

Restaurants in San Severino Marche