“Essentials of Dyeing” with Jan Dieckmann and You-Jin Seo

The textile artists You-Jin Seo and Jan Dieckmann are offering insight into the different methods of textile dyeing in this course. As part of the Feronia Festival for Backstage Art and Craft, the workshop is suitable for trainee wardrobe masters and tailors as well as for experienced costume artists.

Learn How to Dye Textiles Properly

In the course “Fundamentals of Dyeing” with You-Jin Seo and Jan Dieckmann, the pair will teach the various methods of dyeing. You will learn how to analyze the fabric at hand and choose the appropriate pigments for dyeing the fibers based on this classification. Jan Dieckmann and You-Jin Seo will show you how to prepare different fabrics for the dyeing procedure and how to subsequently treat this fabric. In addition to chemical dyes, you will learn how to reach great effects with natural dyes. The professionals will also introduce tools that simplify your work.

Despite great care, sometimes things go wrong. How do you respond to glitches while dyeing? You will learn that and much more in the workshop! During the day, many work samples will be created, which you can use for your reference portfolio. A good preparation for you dyeing experiments is the course “Ageing and Breakdown in Costumes”.

Gain Insight into the Wealth of Experience of Textile Artists

The course instructors Jan Dieckmann and You-Jin Seo belong to the internationally-acting artist group “All Artisans.” Among them are other renowned costume, stage and textile artists like Lisa Laurén and Benjamin Tyrrell. They are also represented at the Feronia Festival of Backstage Art and Craft with the Workshop “Manufacture of costume sculpture”.

Jan Dieckmann and You-Jin Seo already work together on many film sets as well as international theaters. They supported the productions “Cloud Atlas,” “The Book Thief,” “Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters” and “The Grand Budapest Hotel” as textile artists.

You-Jin Seo holds a diploma as fashion designer from the HAW Hamburg University of Applied Sciences in the department of “Fashion-, Costume- and Textile Design.” She has supported famous advertisement films as a stylist and worked as a styling assistant for the music videos of Alanis Morissette and DJ Koze. She also has stage experience in different projects as a textile artist and costume assistant.

Jan Dieckmann enriched the film sets of “Hunger Games - Mockingjay Part 2,” “Mr. Nobody,” “3096” and “Tarzan” as a textile artist. He has supported international stage productions like “Figaro” (The Metropolitan Opera New York), “Das Wunder von Bern” (Stage Entertainment Hamburg), “Das schlaue Füchslein” (Komische Oper Berlin) and “Manon” (Festival Opera Baden-Baden) as a textile artists and costume dyer.

“Essentials of Dyeing” with Jan Dieckmann and You-Jin Seo