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Every year in the last week of June we organize the Feronia International San Severino Festival for Backstage Art and Crafts in San Severino Marche. At the festival we work with world-class artists delivering exceptional and innovative work in backstage art and crafts.

As a professional or a student, you can participate at all levels to increase your knowledge, practice new techniques, create remarkable pieces for the theater, meet and exchange ideas, and of course enjoy the breath-taking surroundings of Marche, Italy.

In the world of theater there are already a number of festivals and awards. But at the Feronia Festival, we put backstage work in the spotlight for the first time. We offer a wide range of workshops and master classes in various categories, such as Make-up, Costumes and Millinery. And all of our artists and craftsmen bring to the Feronia Festival a highly specialized and unique set of knowledge and skills in their areas of specialty.

Our goal is both to preserve and pass on the old, traditional techniques of the past, and to create a space, where new techniques can arise.

And what better place to do this, than in a land so rich with tradition and exceptional arts and crafts?

Join us

Each year a group of outstanding professionals makes recommendations on what to include in our program. Would you like to join us?


If you know someone with exceptional artistic and craft skills, whom we should invite to the next Feronia Festival, please contact us by sending us an email or fill out our form below. Just send us the name and contact information of the individual(s) you are recommending, along with a brief description of what these artisans will be contributing to Festival.

And of course if you would like to do a presentation at the Feronia Festival yourself, or lead a Workshop or Master Class, please let us know.

You know an exceptional artist? Let us know!

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